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Document Icon Running Containers at Scale with Photon Platform: A Secure, Multitenant Architecture for Cloud-Native Applications. Published by VMware.

Document Icon Deploying Cloud-Native Applications with Photon OS. Published by VMware.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS for In-Place Hadoop Data Analytics. Storing data in EMC Isilon scale-out network-attached storage optimizes data management for Hadoop analytics. Separating data from HDFS clients and storing it in an Isilon cluster provides scalability, efficiency, and workflow flexibility. Published by EMC.

Document Icon OneFS Multiprotocol Security Untangled. This white paper describes the role that identity management, authentication, and access control play in the EMC Isilon OneFS security system. Published by EMC.

Document Icon Data Lakes for Data Science: Integrating Analytics Tools with Shared Infrastructure for Big Data. This paper examines the relationship between three primary domains of an enterprise big data program: data science, analytics frameworks, and IT infrastructure. A decision about tools or infrastructure in one domain can affect, and potentially limit, what can be done in the other domains. Published by EMC.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Multitenancy for Hadoop Big Data Analytics. The EMC Isilon scale-out storage platform provides multitenancy through access zones that segregate tenants and their data sets. An access zone presents a portion of an Isilon cluster as a secure virtual storage region with a unique HDFS root directory for the zone’s tenant. With NFS, SMB, and HDFS access to each zone, an Isilon cluster delivers a scalable multitenant storage solution for analytics tools. Published by EMC Isilon.

Document Icon Compliance and Security for Hadoop Scale-Out Data Lakes. As credit card companies, medical researchers, and financial institutions analyze data with Hadoop to detect fraud, improve health care, and create innovative products, the stored data poses a compliance problem: The Hadoop File System lacks the enterprise security features that compliance regulations require. As a result, big data analysts are imperiling the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their Hadoop data. This white paper explains how the EMC Isilon OneFS operating system securely stores data for Hadoop analytics to help meet such compliance regulations as PCI DSS, FISMA, and HIPAA. Published by EMC.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Performance at Scale for Electronic Design Automation. This paper describes how EMC Isilon network-attached storage delivers performance, scalability, and efficiency to optimize data storage for electronic design automation. Published by EMC.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Multiprotocol Data Access with a Unified Security Model. This white paper explains how the unified security model of OneFS resolves mismatches between the permissions of Windows and Unix systems while preserving the security of files and satisfying the expectations of users. Published by EMC Isilon.

Document Icon Identities, Access Tokens, and the OneFS User Mapping Service. The OneFS user mapping service combines a user’s identities from different directory services into a single access token and then modifies it according to the rules that you set. This paper explains how to map identities across directory services to uniformly control access to the OneFS file system. Published by EMC.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS: An Architecture For Resiliency, High Availability, And Data Protection. This paper demonstrates that the EMC Isilon file system can remain online while a cluster sustains multiple failures of underlying components. The EMC Isilon OneFS architecture, data protection scheme, and high-availability features deliver resiliency, reliability, and data availability. Published by EMC Isilon.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS for Video Surveillance Systems. This white paper demonstrates how an EMC Isilon scale-out NAS cluster provides the scalability, efficiency, simplicity, and agility to fulfill the storage requirements of a large, centralized video surveillance system while reducing capital expenditures and operating expenses. Published by EMC.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Storage Best Practices for EDA. This paper describes the best practices for setting up and managing an EMC Isilon cluster to store data for electronic design automation (EDA). Published by EMC.

Document Icon EMC Isilon Best Practices for Hadoop Data Storage. For OneFS 7.0. This paper describes the best practices for setting up and managing the HDFS service on an Isilon cluster to optimize data storage for Hadoop analytics. Published by EMC Isilon.

Document Icon Monitoring Unstructured Data: Uniting Multi-Protocol Storage and Cross-Platform Access Control for File Activity Monitoring and Context-Aware Security. This white paper maintains that a multi-protocol file server or NAS system with an integrated cross-platform access control system is a blueprint to efficiently and effectively monitor unstructured data.

Document Icon Auditing Unstructured Data: Identity-Aware Storage, File Activity Monitoring, and Compliance Reporting Across Platforms. This white paper argues that a multiprotocol file server with an integrated cross-platform access control system is the architectural basis for solving many problems in auditing unstructured data.


Document Icon Topical Structure Analysis of Accomplished English Prose: This study analyzes the topical structure of accomplished essays and compares the results with the topical structure tacitly preferred by assessors in their judgments of student essays. The paper examines whether the same patterns of topical structure that are rewarded by assessors in student writing recur in professionals writing within a similar genre.

Document Icon Creating Coherence with the Passive Voice: Joseph M. Williams, the author of two influential books on academic and professional writing, advocates the use of the passive voice to manage the flow of information across sentences. For Williams, passive voice not only develops an idea by adding details to it but also tightly fuses sentences into a coherent whole. More: The passive voice can place new information in a syntactic slot that emphasizes it--the end of the sentence.

Document Icon Identifying and Resolving Ambiguity: This page analyzes some headlines that exhibit at least one of three kinds of linguistic ambiguity--lexical, syntactic, and semantic. In some of the examples, the unintended meaning is so strong that, on first reading, it overshadows the intended one.

Document Icon Interpretation and Indeterminacy in Discourse Analysis: This essay argues a hard line: the exact meaning of a speaker's utterance in a contextualized exchange is often indeterminate. Interactional linguistics, however, reduces the indeterminacy and yields a more principled interpretation than other approaches to discourse analysis.

Document Icon A Wittgensteinian Approach to Discourse Analysis: This essay takes Wittgenstein's influence on discourse analysis a step further by using his writings as the theoretical foundation for an approach to analyzing discourse that is distinct from speech act theory, which stems from the analytic tradition in philosophy. The essay suggests that a Wittgenstein-inspired approach is closer in spirit and content to that of an unlikely candidate whose views, in contrast to the analytic school, harbor a distinctly Continental flavor and influence critical theory: Mikhail Bakhtin.

Document Icon Max Weber's View of Objectivity in Social Science: This essay seeks to shed light on Weber's view of the applicability of objectivity by answering a question that dogs Weberian scholarship: Was Weber an advocate of value-free social science?

Document Icon Saussure's Sign: The sign, the signifier, and the signified are concepts of the school of thought known as structuralism, founded by Ferdinand de Saussure, a Swiss linguist, during lectures he gave between 1907 and 1911 at the University of Geneva. His views revolutionized the study of language, inaugurated modern linguistics, and influenced critical theory. The central tenet of structuralism is that the phenomena of human life are unintelligible except through their network of relationships, making the sign and the system (or structure) in which the sign is embedded primary concepts. As such, a sign--for instance, a word--gets its meaning only in relation to or in contrast with other signs in a system of signs.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Document Icon Bargain Trips: See The Country By Car And Save In A Drive-away, in the Chicago Tribune.

Document Icon Articles at Sys-Con Media and in XML Journal.

Technical Articles

  • Running Photon OS on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute. Photon OS can serve as a runtime environment for Linux containers on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2). This articles demonstrates how to get Photon OS up and running on EC2, customize Photon with cloud-init, and run a containerized application with Docker.

  • Setting Up a Kubernetes Cluster. Running a web application on Photon Platform demonstrates the power of Kubernetes as a service.

Book Projects

Document Icon Storage Architectures for Big Data Analytics.

Document Icon M.E. Sharpe, Publisher: The Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party and The Encyclopedia of the Republican Party. Won the Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Book Award.

Document Icon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques.

Document Icon Resume: White Paper Writer, Editor, Analyst.

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